Play it, Lang

Chinese pianist Lang Lang might have had a better reception if he'd put less 'soul' into his Prom performance

Remember Sweet Sue and her band of Society Syncopators, reminding "all those daddies out there that every girl in my band is a virtuoso, and I intend to keep it that way"?

Even as she spoke these words, some way into Billy Wilder's 1959 classic, Some Like It Hot, one of her "virtuosi" was to be seen whizzing off to seduce a millionaire "daddy" while another tore after her, tearing off his disguise as a female saxophone player to don another as a daddy in need of seduction. Virtuosos, you see. Definitely not to be trusted.

Which is odd, in a way, because the word derives from "virtue" – which itself, adding an extra irony to Sweet Sue's smug declaration, derives from "vir, virtus", the Latin for man. The man issue asside, though, a virtuoso is simply someone who is good, or rather, very good...

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