V for vendetta

Though born to disagree, critics in concordance are always reassuring. Where everything's to be argued and nothing disputed, straight-up, sure-footed agreement brings stability and peace. Whether this remains the case when critics go so far as to pull the exact same cliché out of the same deep, well-stocked pockets, is perhaps another matter. But then if both The Guardian and Observer insist, apropos of The Page Turner, that "revenge is a dish that is best served cold", you won't find me lighting ovens when it comes to serving mine.

But whether served ice cold, like that of Mélanie in The Page Turner, or seared on the flames of encroaching madness - like Hamlet, say, or Mr Majestyk - it is clear that we like our movies dished up with a healthy dollop of the proverb's sweetest. Maybe because it restores our faith in divine justice, maybe because it satisfies our lust for human blood, find a motive for revenge and, chances are, you've got a film. Or a pitch at the very least.

It's here we see the sheer beauty of an idea like the one behind The Page Turner, because the whole sorry tale is right there in the title...

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